Events: Archive

This page provides an archived listing of events arranged by or in association with CRECS in previous sessions. Fuller details can be found by clicking on hyperlinked items.



Event Type


26 Oct 2015

CRECS Seminar

Shadows and Sandmen: Things that Go CRECS in the Night*

23 Nov 2015

CRECS Seminar

Romantic Landscapes: Geography and Travel*

1 Dec 2015

CEIR Speaker

Jennie Batchelor (Kent), ‘”The world is a large volume”: The Lady’s Magazine and Romantic Print Culture’*

7 Dec 2015

CRECS Seminar

Children of CRECS*

8 Feb 2016

CRECS Seminar

Valentine CRECS: How romantic were the Romantics?*

16 Feb 2016

CEIR Speaker

Dale Townshend (Stirling), ‘Horace Walpole’s Enchanted Castles’*

29 Feb 2016

CRECS/Leverhulme Lecture

Tim Stretton (Saint Mary’s, Nova Scotia), ‘Stepmothers at Law in the Long Eighteenth Century’*

17 May 2016

First CRECS Annual  Conference

Under- and Postgradute Student Conference and Special Collections Workshop*

30 June 2016

Cardiff BookTalk Film Screening

James Whale’s Frankenstein (1931)


Date Event Type Title
03 Feb 2015 CRECS Launch CRECS Fight Club
10 Feb 2015 CEIR Speaker Freya Johnston (Oxford), ‘Medieval Graffiti: Editing Thomas Love Peacock’
17 Feb 2015 CRECS Seminar Cambrian CRECS: Nation, Region, Place in the Long Eighteenth Century
24 Feb 2015 CEIR Speaker Holly Luhning (Surrey), ‘Eliza Haywood: Cultural and Corporeal Adaptation’
17 Mar 2015 CRECS Reading Group How to Keep Your (Georgian) Man: Sex and Domesticity in the Eighteenth Century
24 Mar 2015 CEIR Speaker Gowan Dawson, ‘Citizen Science in the 19th and 21st Centuries’
13–14 Apr 2015 CEIR Workshop WISE: What Is Scholarly Editing? (aimed at PhDs & staff)
28 Apr 2015 CRECS Seminar Sound & Vision: Multimedia in the Enlightenment and Romantic Period
16–19 July 2015 Conference Romantic Imprints (British Association for Romantic Studies 2015 International Conference)
1 Sep 2015 Symposium Scandal and Sociability: New Perspectives on the Burney Family

Events marked CEIR were organised by the Centre for Editorial and Intertextual Research.