CRECS Autumn 2015 programme now available

We’re delighted to announce the new CRECS programme for the forthcoming session. Below, you’ll find details of the Autumn 2015 session: the Spring 2016 session will follow in due course. All events take places in Cardiff University’s Special Collections and Archives (SCOLAR), in the basement of the Arts and Social Studies Library.

Shadows and Sandmen: Things that Go CRECS in the Night

Monday, 26 October 2015, 5.15pm

Join us, in Hallowe’en week, for a literary-musical Gothic extravaganza. MUSIC’s Dr Keith Chapin will introduce us to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony (1808), which ETA Hoffmann, one of German Romanticism’s most popular fiction writers, saw as the ultimate sublime and gothic composition: ‘We become aware of giant shadows swaying back and forth, moving ever closer around us and destroying within us all feeling but the pain of infinite yearning’. ENCAP’s Dr Anthony Mandal will broaden the discussion by looking at Hoffmann’s ‘The Sandman’ (1817), uncanny automata and (maybe—no promises) castration anxiety. Finally, Emily Blewitt (ENCAP) will discuss maternity and monstrosity in Mary Shelley’s classic Gothic text, Frankenstein (1818). The talks will be followed by a Q&A, and by a drinks and snacks reception.

Romantic Landscapes: Geography and Travel

Monday, 23 November 2015, 5.15pm

Join us to learn about geography, travel and tourism in the Romantic era. Dr Jamie Castell (ENCAP) will talk about the importance of Romantic wandering, while our guest speaker Mary Ann Constantine (University of Wales) will discuss her exhibition Reading the Rocks: The Remarkable Maps of William Smith, currently on display at the National Museum of Wales. The talks will be followed by a Q&A, and by a drinks and snacks reception.

NB This event ties in with Reading the Rocks: The Remarkable Maps of William Smith and with the series of lectures scheduled to take place in the National Museum of Wales on 27 November 2015, entitled Layered Landscapes: Geology and Travel in Romantic-Era Britain.

Children of CRECS

Monday, 7 December 2015, 5.15pm

In the last week before the Christmas break, CRECS will explore ideas about childhood—and its politically and morally dubious ‘uses’—in the eighteenth century and Romantic period. Professor Holly Furneaux (ENCAP) will talk about the military man of feeling and the adoption plot. Dr Jane Moore (ENCAP) will consider the relationship between childhood and creativity by exploring representations of the child in Romantic poetry. Dr Sophie Coulombeau (ENCAP) will tackle the eighteenth-century craze for unorthodox child-rearing, focusing on the writer and campaigner Thomas Day’s project to educate a young orphan to become the perfect wife—most memorably portrayed in Maria Edgeworth’s novel Belinda (1801). The talks will be followed by a showcase of rare material from the Special Collections that encourages us to rethink the idea of ‘childhood’, and finally by a festive drinks and snacks reception.

6 thoughts on “CRECS Autumn 2015 programme now available

    • Hi Alexandra. At the moment, no. However, recording the sessions is something we’re certainly considering for the future, if we can sort out the logistics involved. We always post reports after the events, which give details of what happened and what was said.


    • We’ll certainly be looking into recording future events or sharing the presentations online. In the meantime, you can follow highlights through our Twitter account or by reading the event reports on the blog.


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